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At the Academy we set high standards and we aim to work together with pupils, parents, staff and the wider community to ensure we provide the best possible education and opportunities for Portlethen's young people.

We are currently developing the website and it will evolve over time so that it provides you with an information gateway into the Academy and its activities. I hope you find it useful and we welcome comments and suggestions that would improve the site.

Neil Morrison

Head Teacher

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Improvements to Online Payment for Cashless Catering in Secondary Schools

Lates Procedure

In a bid to improve the punctuality of our young learners, Portlethen Academy has revisited our procedures for late coming. Pupils arriving late, without an appropriate note of explanation from their parents, will continue to report to the office where attendance will be recorded. They will also receive a slip notifying them of the date and place of their ‘pay back’ detention.

This would be for 15 minutes at lunchtime where pupils will be asked to reflect on the consequences of being late and the importance of punctuality.

For Parents

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Improvements to Online Payment for Cashless Catering in Secondary Schools

A letter has been sent out to all parents and carers of pupils registered at Secondary schools across Aberdeenshire in relation to the payment for school meals. School meal payments should be simpler following an upgrading to an improved system for online payments. This will help reduce administration and cash handling in schools and to improve the customer experience for parents and carers paying into the system, allowing balances and account history to be viewed.

The new system will require one off registration. See important details by clicking on the following link-

Cashless Catering in Secondary Schools and Online Payment Facility.

All Secondary schools have been transferring to the new system over the Summer holidays and this will be operational for the start of the new term. Any balances remaining at the end of the last school year (2014-15) will be automatically transferred across to the new system.